Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Journey to White House & US Congress

From 2008 until now, Dhillon has worked for NA Consulting as a Global Public Affairs Professional, navigating governmental relationships, legislative and regulatory complications, and foreign governmental relations. Dhillon uses his thirty years of experience as a political insider to help his clients and manage a team of highly trained and talented lobbyists. NA Consulting is constantly reaching out to the White House and the US Congress, places where Dhillon has worked before ( His knowledge of the ins and outs of governmental bureaucracy has helped him in his successful career in the private sector immensely.

Neil Dhillon continues to fight hard for his clients by lobbying and coordinating his efforts with the White House and the US Congress. He is a firm supporter of public service, and believes that any citizen who cares enough about the issues can make a difference. If he has learned anything in thirty years of service in Washington, DC, it’s that every voice counts, and he helps his clients gain that voice in Washington. As his long career shows, Neil Dhillon ( is an extremely talented and dedicated individual who works hard to defend and promote his clients’ vested interests.

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